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Work/Life Balance For Virtual Assistants

Mindfulness Based Pain Relief

Is Your Pain Making Your World Smaller and Smaller Every Day? Wouldn’t it be great to wake up with a big stretch and bound out of bed pain free? Daily tasks would be easier and less tiring. And you could truly enjoy time spent with family and friends again because you’d be able to be in the moment with them, without being distracted by your pain. With “Mindfulness Based Pain Relief” all this is possible and in less time than you would think!
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Public Health Initiative for HIV testing.
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You may not be "just tired". Learn about Adrenal Fatigue, what it is, why it happens and what you can do about it so you can feel yourself again!
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Your Thyroid gland is a butterfly shaped structure that sits at the base of your throat. Hormones released from it affect all- important part of your body such as your brain, heart, muscles and skin. The thyroid controls your metabolism; how your cells use the energy they get from the food you eat. When it begins to under perform or release less than the needed amount of thyroid hormone your metabolism slows. This leads to all sorts of symptoms.
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Feeling like you're trapped behind a wall of symptoms and your doctor can't seem to put together a diagnosis? It could be Leaky-Gut Syndrome. Explore this little known condition and how healing your gut could get you back to peak health.
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