Video is the fastest way to stand out in today's crowded marketplace!
Words that make big things happen!
Stunning graphics "drive" sales to your business!

ARTMARK Media turns your business into the PICTURE OF SUCCESS!

Running your business day-to-day may be keeping you from growing your business. At ARTMARK Media, we can deliver a package of professional services that gets you back in the driver's seat and loving your business more than ever.


Video and Graphics Production for social media, blogs, profiles and all your imaging needs. Effective visuals help you stand out in today's crowded landscape of business. Don't let your direct marketing ads get thrown away unread because of poor design. We can create marketing campaigns with punch and the power to drive sales.  Screencasting services for Webinars, software and educational training videos let you concentrate on the big picture.

Copywriting - words that make BIG things happen. Web consulting and copywriting services from ARTMARK Media make sure your website and marketing materials are performing their best for the growth of your business.  Schedule a Site Audit and Key Message Consultation today. 

Proofreading and Editing Services for digital and print.  General or Legal Transcript proofreading and light copy editing for fiction and non-fiction documents and books.

Do you need a  "micro-copy" expert, that is under 500 words such as emails/newsletter (campaigns and courses), product and catalog descriptions for Amazon and e-Commerce sites. artist statements. Just about anywhere you need to make a big impact with a few words ArtMark Media has you covered. Long form and B2B copywriting such as sales letters, case studies and video script writing services are available.

"Healthwrite Communications", a division of ARTMARK Media, helps individual providers and clinics with practice marketing. An educated patient, who understands just how much you care, is more likely to be compliant with treatment plans and have better outcomes. With 10+ years in the healthcare industry, Lori Rosen can create Patient Satisfaction Training for your staff as well as educational and marketing videos for your provider website.

......AND FINALLY.....Coaching. Most successful endeavors require coaching of some kind and business is no exception. In fact, business owners keep so many plates spinning that coaching is ESSENTIAL to success. Without it, burnout sets in and plates start falling. As a Life Coach and Meditation Instructor, Lori Rosen offers 3 kinds of coaching which you can mix and match as needed: Stress Reduction, Accountability and Sleep Coaching.  Contact us using the form on the "Work With Me" page or click the tiny mail icon in the upper right to schedule a consultation today!